chris ciullaWho is Chris Ciulla?

Chris is a credited actor, voice actor, boxing commentator, live host and radio personality living in Los Angeles.  An actor for almost 15 years, Chris has dedicated his life to becoming a working entertainer.  

During his journey, he has experienced many ups-and-downs, and has created this workshop so that you can avert all the avoidable mistakes he and other working actors have made, and make all the right choices to create and maintain progress in your acting career.  He will teach you how to seek and find all the beneficial opportunities, and how to utilize each and every one of them to their fullest extent.  

And even if you don’t think so, YOU ARE READY FOR LOS ANGELES!!!

Chris is available for all-day workshops, tele-seminars, class instruction and private career coaching.  Please call (323) 440-0403 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for rates and booking information.


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"Chris does his homework, and his research, before he opens his mouth and shares his opinion."

Andre Brooks - Actor, Boxing Instructor