21. How to find the “hidden entertainment money”

When you arrive in Los Angeles, you may be experienced enough as an actor to be qualified to throw your hat into the ring right away and try to get an agent.  But others who are less experienced in their craft will have an opportunity to evaluate the entire industry as a whole and figure out innovative ways to not only learn, but make great money at the same time.  Which jobs are out there to be able to do that?  Production Assistant?  Casting Assistant?  Advertising Executive Assistant?  Writing Intern? 

And when you fully understand your skillset, you may realize that you need to throw your hat into a different type of ring.  You may be a great host.  You may have voice acting skills.  You may be a successful stand-up comic.  A sketch comic.  An improvisational actor.  Whatever your skill, you need to accentuate and expose it, and make it profitable.  Work begets work.


"You know the old saying, 'It's not what you know...it's who you know.' Chris Ciulla is worth knowing!”

Tim Bader – Actor, Singer, Musician