10. How to improve your auditioning and cold-reading skills

You must understand that in LA, there are two separate, distinct types of performance that you must master.  One is doing the job, which you perfect in your scene study classes and knowledge of on-set terminology.  But the other is booking the job, and for that, you must really improve your auditioning techniques.  Have you auditioned a lot in your hometown?  For legitimate casting agencies?  Are you a good cold-reader?  Have you ever taken an on-camera auditioning class?  Have you ever seen a playback of one of your auditions?  Where should you go to become better at auditioning?  Are there specific auditioning techniques that have been proven to help people get the job?



"Chris Ciulla is an extremely hard-working individual who has systematically penetrated the industry in Los Angeles."

Michael Wood, Comedic Actor and Voiceover Talent