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“Chris Ciulla is an actor I see at auditions around town all the time. Every casting director knows him. He has the experience to help "new blood" break in. You know the old saying..."It's not what you's who you know." Chris Ciulla is worth knowing!”

Tim Bader – Actor, Singer, Musician

“I've met dozens, if not hundreds of actors, who move to Los Angeles, and think they know how to break into the business. Usually, they don't have a clue. It doesn't matter if you've done regional theatre, if you've starred in internet shorts, or if you've read every book out doesn't even matter if you're talented. Starting an acting career in Hollywood has its own set of rules, and you need to master them if you want to give yourself any kind of chance. To have someone speak to you first hand and teach from experience is an invaluable resource. It's hard enough as it is, why not give yourself every possible advantage available to you.”

Beau Bauman – Film/TV Producer and Writer

“Chris Ciulla is the kind of actor I have been throughout my career. I have always understood that marketing and an understanding of how to do business is just as important as talent when one is trying to scale the high walls of Hollywood.  Don't forget - it's Show BUSINESS! Chris has demonstrated to me that he is savvy and practical in his approach to getting work. He gets it. He has a positive attitude and an inspiring way of sharing what he knows and motivating people. I recommend him to any actor who is just starting out or who has been actively trying for a while without any positive results.”

Richard Portnow – Prolific Film, TV and Broadway Actor

“Chris Ciulla is sharp, talented and entertaining. I am consistently impressed with his range and quick wit. His students will gain much from his insights. Chris’s spectrum of expertise spans from health to performance and all the way to the nitty gritty of survival here. No doubt, his students will leave this class with an edge.”

Lindsay C. Hofmann – TV and Commercial Producer

“I have been a working actor in Los Angeles for 10 years.  I always tell people that if I had to do it all over again and just moved out here, I wouldn't even know where to begin.  If you are truly serious about moving to Los Angeles to become an actor, Chris's seminar is a must.  The information that he will provide is invaluable.  I cannot tell you how much time, money, and frustration he will save you by spelling out the Do's and Don'ts of Hollywood.  I only wish there was a seminar like this when I first moved to Los Angeles.”
Dave Power – Prolific TV and Film Actor

“Chris Ciulla is a really talented individual.  From the moment I referred him to my agent he was a consummate pro, started booking jobs and getting great reviews on his professionalism.  No surprise of course since as a coach and trainer he also has an amazing reputation.  I have no doubts that any workshop he develops will be of the same high standard!” 

Patty Mattson, Voice Actor, Actor and Singer

"It may be an overused cliche, but Chris is the hardest-working man in Hollywood.  Intelligent, determined, and focused, his insight on achieving a successful entertainment industry career is gleaned from spending the time in the entertainment industry trenches.  His invaluable seminar will polish, prepare, and protect you unlike anything available today."

Joe McCluskey, Writer

"You can study to be an actor.  You can try your hardest to break through on your own and compete with the other millions of people who want to also be actors. You need to know both practical and fundamental facts that only experienced actors and people who have been in your own shoes in order to stand out of the crowd.  Chris shows you how to reach your goals quicker by showing you ways to put food on the table and not be tied to a 9-5 job. He also explains what venues are important to be involved with and what scams to avoid. Thanks Chris… "

Marc Giampietro, Comedic Actor and Animation Voice Talent

"Chris Ciulla is an extremely hard-working individual who has systematically penetrated the industry in Los Angeles.  He's determined in very short order what he needs to do, and has done it. He's already reaping the rewards of his hard work with regard to both to on-camera and voiceover pursuits.  He's determined his personal strengths and has capitalized on them, and I believe he would be an excellent instructor for anyone seriously interested in doing the same thing. "

Michael Wood, Comedic Actor and Voiceover Talent

"Hollywood California is a place where dreams are made. But breaking into the entertainment business isn’t for the faint of heart---nor should it be left to chance.  Surprises, challenges and pitfalls will greet newcomers as certainly as the sun will rise.  And not all challenges will be overcome.  Chris's words could have saved me an immeasurable amount of frustration, suffering and near career-ending mistakes."

Tom Sammon, Film and TV Producer 

"I met Chris on set and was truly impressed with the insights he shared.  His knowledge of the industry and positive ease with which he knew how to interact with crew and other actors, all while nailing his performance in the first take truly displayed well-seasoned professionalism."

Lyle Schnebly, Film and Voice Actor

"I was a 23-year-old kid with no friends in LA.  Chris was my first scene partner in a class, my first week. We had rehearsed an intense physical scene without incident.  However, the first time we performed I decked him...bloodied his nose. I wanted to crawl underneath a rock and stay there.  But he got up, walked over to me, put his arm around me and said, "It's alright kid. I've broken this nose so many times from boxing.  Good scene...and you’re lucky it was me!" He is still one of my closest friends. And when I need advice in life or someone to help me run a scene.  I am thankful it was him."

Brad Pennington – Actor, Single Dad

"Chris Ciulla is a consummate performer and professional.  His ability to consistently deliver and his extensive knowledge concerning the business of acting made him one of our most popular actors on set.  He is a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend Chris's workshop to all actors."

Tarun Shetty - Producer, RaisingDesi Productions

"Chris is one of the hardest working individuals I've ever known.  Personally and professionally, his conviction is unwavering.  We studied together for a few years at the John Kirby Studio and remain close today.  Talent is everywhere, but few people combine their talents and work ethic as well as Chris Ciulla.  The guy is on it."

Paul Rae, Actor

"Of the 9 years I lived in L.A., I've been lucky enough to know Chris for 7 of them.  In "“Hollyweird”, it's very rare to find someone that 'tells it like it really is'.  Chris does his homework, and his research, before he opens his mouth and shares his opinion.  I much prefer this rare quality that Chris happens to possess.  There are many in this crazy town that  'talk the talk' but can't really back it up.  Chris backs it up!"

Andre Brooks - Actor, Real-Estate Developer, Boxing Instructor

“Chris Ciulla's workshop is one of those invaluable and rare tools that will help a fledgling actor enormously to cut to the chase upon arrival in Los Angeles to start building a career.   Many say luck is the most important factor in making it in Hollywood, but it's also vitally important to understand how the process of being an actor in Hollywood works and what you can do for yourself immediately to avoid being derailed by mistakes.   I consider attending Chris' workshop part of that "luck."  It's a comprehensive guidebook for creating success.”

James Tumminia - Casting Director, Producer, Actor

“I am continually amazed by the number of people that I meet in this business who not only know, but also heap praise upon Chris Ciulla. His tireless work ethic and no-nonsense approach to both the craft and business of acting should serve as paragon examples for any aspiring actor. If you have even the slightest desire to make acting your career, I highly recommend that you take the time to learn from his experiences.”

Rocky Russo, Comedic Writer and Actor

“I am an actor that came to LA roughly ten years ago. I met Chris when we were both brand new to the city.  I have watched him hone his craft and learn the business end of LA and the entertainment industry as a whole. He is a "work horse" to say the least and has a terrific sense of the audition process as well as what it takes to get you the audition. His guidance would give anyone new to the city a leg up that they need to bypass any and all beginner mistakes. Those mistakes cost too much money and take up too much time!”

Matt Bushell, TV and Film Actor

"Chris always impresses me when I watch him audition and work, because I rarely see such a funny and down-to-earth guy perform such honest and moving dramatic material."

Jenny Gibbons, Casting Assistant, Lowy/Brace Casting

“People in LA are all clawing their way to their own personal goals. Everyone searches for the "next big thing" that can catapult them straight to the top. Most of them are unwilling to put in the time and patience necessary to reach those goals.  I think Chris Ciulla has taken the time and steps needed to secure a foothold in the constant mudslide of talent that LA creates. I admire him for divulging his hard earned information to the potential new actors that are brave enough to make the move.”

Ryan Michael Oman, Actor

“It was a stroke of luck that I met Chris when I first moved to LA. His advice and shared know-how has been a big part of the early success I've had. He has turned a mountain-sized learning curve into a speed bump and I am eternally great for that and that I now call him my friend. I still call Chris at least once a week for advice or insight and I'm sure that will continue for a long time.”

Andy Anderson, Actor and Producer

“Being in Feature Film Casting the past 10+ years, I feel the workshop that Chris teaches would benefit the actor toward the goal of becoming a "working actor" sooner rather than later. Getting a jump is very important in this industry and Chris's tips will not only help the actor to hit the ground running but also provide insight into how things are really done…rather than spending valuable time in the dark.”

Wayne Morse, McCarthy/Scully Casting

"When I take advice from anyone in the industry I make certain they have more experience than me, they have drive and they have the intellect to make sound decisions. Chris has all of these, and I appreciate the advice he has given me to move forward in my acting career."

Ben Daniels, Actor

“To come to LA take courage but mostly it takes time because unless your uncle is Spielberg you have to work very to hard to get anywhere.  I came out not knowing ANYONE and how no one to ask questions to.  So I learned a lot as I went and that took time.  I made mistakes and that took time.  I figured things out and that took time.  I wish I had met Chris when I first moved out, his knowledge would have saved me so much time and effort.  Instead of starting from the start, start from where Chris left off and you will be YEARS ahead.  Oh and thanks to Chris I met and worked with Jerry Zucker.  So that's awesome.”

America Young – Actor, Voice Actor, Producer, Film Festival Executive

"I've known Chris for years and I've never met anyone with such insight into the business.  He really sees the 'man behind the curtain’ in Hollywood and has shown me that you don't need the "giant agent" or manager to make a living as an actor.  Chris has opened my eyes to so many different avenues I never would've found on my own." 

Mark Devine, Actor (Sex and the City, Six Feet Under, The Maytag Man)



"Chris’s spectrum of expertise spans from health to performance and all the way to the nitty gritty of survival here. No doubt, his students will leave this class with an edge.”

Lindsay C. Hofmann – TV and Commercial Producer