1. What you need to do as an actor before you leave your hometown

Whether you are an upstart actor fresh out of college, a stage actor with much “summer stock” experience, or a veteran actor with many local hire TV and film credits on his resume, you need to make sure you are as prepared as possible for your trip out west.  No matter where you live right now, you certainly have access to acting schools, colleges, and theater programs to build acting technique.  But are you maximizing your local resources?  Are you auditioning and booking local commercials?  Are you performing on the stage?  Dinner theater?  Do you know who the general agents and casting agencies are?  Do they know who you are? Are studio and independent film shoots coming to your area?  TV shows?


"Chris Ciulla is an extremely hard-working individual who has systematically penetrated the industry in Los Angeles."

Michael Wood, Comedic Actor and Voiceover Talent