9. Where you should take class based on your acting technique

Most modern acting technique, in one way or another, has originated from Stanislavsky.  If you have studied fro disciples of Lee Strasbourg, Stella Adler, Sanford Meisner, or Uta Hagen of HB Studios in New York, all were students of Stanislavsky.  So know the history of acting.  And from that, choose your mentor, and find an appropriate acting school in Los Angeles that studies the methods of your chosen mentor.  There are many places that may be the right fit for you, depending on price and frequency.  And it may take a few attempts or audits to make your mark.  But you will learn where you can go to find quality acting instructors in your particular discipline of acting.



"Chris Ciulla is an extremely hard-working individual who has systematically penetrated the industry in Los Angeles."

Michael Wood, Comedic Actor and Voiceover Talent